We believe the Pitbull Bike Pedal is the absolute quickest to engage.   With 360 degrees of engagement, to release it is just a turn of the heel like any other road bike pedal.   A great feature of this pedal is that it is rebuildable by simply removing a c-clip it comes apart to replace the ball bearings inside.   We have ridden our prototypes for multiple years and not had to replace any parts to date.

The cleats are available either standard or with a 5-degree float for optimal fit.   In real-world testing, the cleats have survived up to two miles of walking on rough pavement and still clip in perfectly.   The easy to engage cleat system allows you to maximize watts and get 3-4 power strokes ahead of the pack at every start!   (Please note some videos and images show a steel cleat, our production models will be a lightweight, durable glass-filled nylon polymer!)

"These pedals lived up to their hype — near-instant engagement, strong grip, and ease of use."

Adam Ruggiero, Gear Junkie

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Rebuildable by simply removing a c-clip to replace the bearings inside.


The absolute quickest to engage with 360 degrees of engagement.


Release with  just a turn of the heel like any other road bike pedal.


Cleats still clip in perfectly after two miles of rough pavement walking.

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Mike Lohmeyer

Mike Lohmeyer


Frank Leko

Frank Leko


Frank Leko


So brilliant it's patented!

We've found the capital to make the mold for the cleats ourselves!   The Kickstarter investment is needed to help pay for materials and having the pedals built overseas as well as distribution and marketing.   We will use our own injection molding system to build the cleats in Safety Harbor.   Mike's partner Frank has owned a machine shop/mold building company for the last 40 years and has excelled in making our injection mold!   With a little bit of finalization to our molding process we'd like to offer special colors including pink cleats which would include a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

We'd still love to find an investor who wants to put in $150K.   For this investment we are offering a 1/3rd partnership in a newly formed company including 1/3rd ownership of the patent and 1/3rd ownership of all the product that was produced as well as 1/3rd of all profits.

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