We certainly value the opinion of Michelle Arthurs, the Tech Editor at Cycling Weekly. We were disappointed with only a 2-star review for our KoM Pedal, we felt that we should have gotten at least a 3-star or 4-star review. (Maybe a 5-star review but we may be a little biased!) Before we take you to her review we'd like to mention our thoughts on some her observations.

• While our cleats do not specifically allow for fore and aft adjustment, in our opinion all of the quality road shoes that we're aware of have fore and aft adjustment. We do provide left to right adjustment to help with your natural foot alignment.

• As far as the Q-factor on Pitbull Bike Pedals if you use the guide washer as intended it will direct your foot into the same Q-factor every time. We do offer a little variance just to make it easier and quicker for people to engage. It won't slip once you're engaged so if you use the guide washer you are in the identical spot every time.

• The scuffs that will appear on the the stainless steel pedal with time are superficial. They do not cause any structural fatigue and that is how we offer a two year warranty on the KoM Pedal and a lifetime warranty on the training pedal. They are definitely visible with the naked eye and are how we came up with the name "Pitbull" since that is like teeth marks!

• As far as the statement that the 2mm Allen key head that holds the spring is small and easy to round: The Allen screw is a commercially manufactured part that people should be accustomed to. If you insert the Allen key properly into the screw it will not strip or round off. We did not invent this screw and Allen wrench, it is standard tooling.

You're welcome to decide for yourself! Here is the link to the review: https://www.cyclingweekly.com/reviews/pitbull-kom-pedals

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