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We believe the Pitbull Bike Pedal is the absolute quickest to engage.   With 360 degrees of engagement, to release it is just a turn of the heel like any other road bike pedal.   A great feature of this pedal is that it is rebuildable by simply removing a c-clip it comes apart to replace the ball bearings inside.   We have ridden our prototypes for multiple years and not had to replace any parts to date.

The cleats are included both Standard with a 0-degree float (Gray Cleat) and with a 5-degree float (Black Cleat) for optimal fit.   The easy to engage cleat system allows you to maximize watts and get 3-4 power strokes ahead of the pack at every start!   (Please note some videos and images show a steel cleat, our production models will be a lightweight, durable glass-filled nylon polymer!)

"These pedals lived up to their hype — near-instant engagement, strong grip, and ease of use."

Adam Ruggiero, Gear Junkie

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"Benefits for ... those crucial first seconds after the gun. Quick engagement is also a potential win for beginners unsure about the mechanics of clipless riding."

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan, Cycling Weekly

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"Pitbull's KoM pedals do offer extremely quick engagement and a strong hold on the cleat when pedalling hard out the saddle."

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan, Cycling Weekly

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Cycling Weekly on Pitbull's KoM pedals

"Pleasantly surprised at how those pedals ride! Clicking in is extremely fast...they worked great on the full push & pull of the pedal stroke."

Ranney, New Customer

"I hit 19 mph on a level stretch in my neighborhood for the first time ever because of the added power on the upstroke! So awesome. I am also engaging my calves more efficiently. I cannot wait to train on climbs...This is a great product!"

Tony, New Customer

"Loving these pedals...super simple to use. Great on hills and in city traffic. I am a convert to Pitbull now 100% (so is my wife)! Longtime Speedily user (and I loved them) but these are even better. Beats Shimano and Look pedal systems as well."

Andrew, New Customer

"I’m very happy with my order and the product. Also very happy with the support that I received for any questions I had. The product itself is amazing! I’ve been a nervous rider with the standard road bike cleats. These are a game changer...I recommend them for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros."

Deen, New Customer

"I can look forward at the riders in our group as some of them struggle to get their cleats engaged, and just put my foot down and I’m ready to go. Once you’re locked in, pushing down and pulling up is really no different than any other pedal already on the market, however disengaging is a breeze. I fully recommend pitbull pedals due to how quickly you can lock into the 360 degree pedal, how easy you can disengage, and how confidently one can ride for any length of ride you plan to do."

Joe, New Customer

"As advertised, they are easy and fast to clip into. Unlike other pedals that I have used you don’t have to look at the pedals when clipping in and you clip in fast every time. I also find them very easy to clip out."

Mark, New Customer

"I have been using these amazing pedals for over a month with no issues. You jump right into the pedals with no effort and extremely easy to click out of. I would highly recommend for any cyclist who wants a great pedal that will last a life time! High mileage cyclists will be impressed with the zero maintenance along with the durability of the cleat."

Trevor, New Customer

"I am an avid cyclist averaging 100 miles a week. I give these pedals a four-star rating. First out of the box I would like to say they're the easiest cleats and pedals I've had to install. The performance of these pedals is great. Extremely happy. Fastest pedals to cleat in and easy to uncleat."

Paul, New Customer

"Your pedals rock! "

Wallace, New Customer


Rebuildable by simply removing a c-clip to replace the bearings inside.


The absolute quickest to engage with 360 degrees of engagement.


Release with  just a turn of the heel like any other road bike pedal.


Lifetime warranty on our road bike pedal.

Pitbull KoM Pedal Available Now!

CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE!   Time to let the secret out!   The new Pitbull KoM pedal is the fastest to engage and now possibly the lightest road bike pedal on the market.   With our patented cleat system we are able to produce this super light system.   Get ready to smash some records, weighing only 114 grams this new pedal will be a game changer!

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